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Why W&L Law: On Being a Double General with Katherine Berman Katherine Berman '25L is from Houston, Texas. She is a 2022 graduate of W&L.

I would say that W&L’s law and undergrad are two very different entities in the same great magical place that Lexington, Virginia is. I’ve enjoyed having that experience in undergrad and being a part of all the wonderful things that happen on that side of campus. But then having the transition over here and meeting so many new interesting, really cool people that I would never would have had the opportunity to meet in undergrad. I’m still involved on the undergrad side of things. I’m an assistant coach for the field hockey team, which I played on for all four years. So that kind of allows me to have this connection with the undergrad side. But at the same time, I feel very acclimated to the law school and being able to have, like I said, a totally different experience in terms of opportunities people, teachers, faculty. It’s really been a great transition.