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“The Election and Its Meanings: An Interpretive Panel”

— by on November 14th, 2016

In an effort to understand the recent election and its context, effects and possible consequences from a range of academic perspectives and interpretations, Washington and Lee faculty participated in a panel discussion on Thursday, Nov. 17, titled, “The Election and Its Meanings: An Interpretive Panel.”

The panel was moderated by Marc Conner, W&L’s interim provost. Presenting panelists included Bob Strong, William Lyne Wilson Professor of Politics; Elicia Cowins, assistant professor of accounting; Aly Colón, Knight Professor of Ethics in Journalism; Johanna Bond, professor of law and associate dean of The School of Law; Chris Handy, assistant professor of economics; and Lucas Morel, professor of ethics and politics and chair of the Politics Department.

Each speaker offered a commentary on the election from her or his disciplinary perspective, and took questions from the audience. “Our aim with the panel discussion is not to offer a judgment of the election,” said Conner, “but rather an intellectual interpretation of what this election means.  This is a crucial role that a university should fill—offering interpretive analysis from a variety of intellectual perspectives.”