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W&L Law Releases Updated Employment Data

Washington and Lee University’s School of Law has released an update to an April report on employment rates for its classes of 2014 and 2015. The information provided by the school’s Office of Career Strategy (OCS) includes an update to the 2014 data as well as at graduation employment numbers for the law class of 2015.

The data continue to show significant improvement in employment rates as compared to previous years.

Now 12 months out from graduation, 80.3 percent of the class of 2014 has secured a full-time, long-term job that either requires a J.D. degree or for which a J.D. degree is preferred. This is a better than five percent increase from the April report, which captured employment rates 10 months after graduation.

The overall employment rate for the class of 2014, which includes other types of professional employment and graduate school, is 94 percent 12 months after graduation.

The OCS is also reporting that 63.5 percent of the class of 2015 was employed at graduation in a full-time, long-term J.D. required or J.D. preferred position. This is roughly an 18 percent improvement over last year’s at graduation employment rates.

The long-term, full-time J.D. required or J.D. advantage positions are the job types that the ABA has identified as the most desirable employment outcomes for students. However, many students seek jobs beyond these criteria based on their career objectives. Read more about law student career paths online.