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W&L Outcomes: Harris Hubbard ’23 Harris Hubbard ’23 will attend graduate school at Rutgers University Business School before joining Wells Fargo as an investment banking analyst.

HarrisHubbard_sRGB-scaled-512x400 W&L Outcomes: Harris Hubbard ’23

Post-grad plans: Graduate student; Analyst at Wells Fargo
Industry: Investment banking
Areas of Study: Economics

What will you be doing after graduation?
I will be attending Graduate School at Rutgers University Business School to obtain a Master of Financial Analysis degree. I will also be playing on the lacrosse team there as a graduate transfer. After graduation from Rutgers, I will be working at Wells Fargo as an Investment Banking Analyst.

What internships or other summer experiences did you partake in and how did those experiences shape you and your career plans?
After my sophomore year, I worked at Park Cities Asset Management as an investment team intern in Dallas, Texas. This was a more general finance internship, and it granted me the opportunity to figure out if I wanted to continue down the finance path. I really enjoyed my experience, which provided me a great foundation to build on in my future roles. After my junior year, I worked at Wells Fargo as an investment banking summer analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions group. This opportunity was a fantastic learning experience, as I was able to play a role in various deals, including the ~$25 billion merger between Kroger and Albertsons. After a successful summer experience, I was fortunate to receive a job offer; I’ll be returning to Wells Fargo once I finish graduate school.

How did Career Development support you and which resources did you find most helpful?
The Career and Professional Development Office played a pivotal role in my career development. I worked closely with Lauren Vance and John Jensen as I met with each of them countless times throughout my sophomore and junior years, and I would not be where I am today without their support and guidance. Additionally, I utilized career fellows for additional support when going through the recruitment process, which was super helpful. I was fortunate to be able to also work as a career fellow in the CPD office. This provided me an opportunity to help give back to the office that provided me with so much.

What did you study here and what are some skills or learnings you will take from your academic experience into the professional world?
I was an economics major here. While I will not necessarily use the information I learned in my economics classes in my first job, I will rely heavily on the skills I acquired. Studying economics forced me to learn how to really think and analyze situations. These skills are directly applicable to any situation I will be in during graduate school, as well as my career in investment banking.

Who or what has inspired you along the way?
Throughout my educational career, my dad has provided me with lots of inspiration. From a young age, I always observed how hard he worked to get to where he is today. He was able to provide a lot for my family through his hard work, and this has inspired me to maximize every opportunity I have to be able to provide the same for my future family.

What career-related advice would you give to next year’s graduating class?
Some advice I would give is that it is OK to be uncomfortable and not have everything exactly figured out. I have learned to just take the next step forward that is in front of you. Make the most out of that one step and then just keep taking the following step forward without worrying about where you will end up.

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