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W&L Podcast Releases New Episode Featuring Jeff Schatten "W&L After Class" invites listeners to join a conversation with W&L’s expert faculty on their teaching, research interests and passion projects.

Jeff-Schatten-Sept-2022-4-Copy-scaled-800x533 W&L Podcast Releases New Episode Featuring Jeff SchattenAssociate Professor of Business Administration Jeff Schatten

Washington and Lee University invites listeners to tune into a new episode of “W&L After Class” featuring Jeff Schatten, associate professor of business administration at Washington and Lee’s Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics. Schatten, who joined the faculty in 2016 and hosts his own podcast called “Demystifying Organizations,” has experience as a teacher and researcher that lies at the intersection of business and the liberal arts. His research focuses on negotiation leadership, decision-making and decentralized autonomous organizations. He is also a leading name in the emergent discussion about artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. In this episode, Schatten shares his thoughts on the future of AI, his experiences in business and entrepreneurship, and his work within the prison system.

Listen to the full episode here.

The podcast’s fourth season launched on Feb. 14, 2023. The season’s first episode featured James Dick, W&L’s director of outdoor education and recreation, discussing his experiential education and leadership development work on campus. The “After Class” podcast series, which began in the spring of 2020, invites listeners to experience conversations with W&L’s expert faculty, giving listeners worldwide a chance to stroll the Colonnade in the comfort of their homes. W&L faculty members discuss their teaching, research and special interests. Previous topics include poetry, witches, cybersecurity, theater and free speech. The podcast is hosted by Ruth Candler, assistant director of Lifelong Learning.

The podcast’s most recent episode featured Michael Hill, professor and chair of the Africana Studies program at Washington and Lee University. Hill also serves as the director of the University’s new DeLaney Center, an interdisciplinary academic center for teaching and research on Southern race relations, culture, and politics. Recent episodes from the podcast’s third season include:

  • “Making the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange”: Sascha Goluboff, professor of cultural anthropology and director of Community-Based Learning at W&L, recounts her experiences of stepping into the unknown through ethnography research, working in local prisons and even improv.
  • “Walks With A Noise”: In this episode with Harvey Markowitz, emeritus professor of anthropology, we talk about how Harvey first arrived on the Rosebud Indian reservation, his relationship with the Lakota people, and conversations about identity and acknowledgment in tribal communities.
  • “Studied Carelessness”: In this conversation with Caleb Dance, associate professor of classics, he explores the impact of humor, improvisation and “sprezzatura” (studied carelessness) on his research and teaching. He also shares the story of his journey into classics, the importance of studying abroad and his musical endeavors, including his work with the nonprofit MIMA.

Listeners in the W&L community and beyond are invited to experience past episodes and seasons here or wherever they listen to podcasts.