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W&L Professors Brock and Pickett Awarded Harte Center Faculty Teaching Scholar Grant Michelle Brock and Holly Pickett are the Harte Center Faculty Teaching Scholar Grant recipients.

 Washington and Lee University professors Michelle Brock, associate professor of history, and Holly Pickett, associate professor of English, have received the Harte Center Faculty Teaching Scholar Grant.

The Faculty Teaching Scholar Program recognizes that all W&L faculty can benefit from exploring evidence-based approaches to instruction and is designed to enhance student learning and enrich campus culture by creating a network of faculty who can support colleagues.

Brock and Pickett will help with the structure of the Harte Center by providing faculty voices in the center’s programming to ensure the campus community’s needs are met. They will partner with the Harte Center for the next three years, digging more deeply into intriguing pedagogical and educational issues that will help the university better provide access to powerful learning experiences to all its students.

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