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W&L Recognizes 48 Retiring Staff and Faculty The retirees of 2020 and 2021 represent a combined 1,303 years of service to W&L.

givepic-800x533 W&L Recognizes 48 Retiring Staff and Faculty

Washington and Lee University will recognize the 48 retiring employees of 2020 and 2021 during a virtual ceremony on April 19, 2021. Collectively, the retirees represent a combined total of 1,303 years of service to W&L.

All members of the university community are welcome and encouraged to attend the ceremony, which will take place on Zoom. A link to the event can be found in Campus Notices.

2020 retirees include:

Linda Agnor, operations manager, University Facilities, 1964 to 2019
Billy Bryant, associate director, University Facilities, 1975 to 2019
Jerry Clark, plumber, University Facilities, 1980 to 2019
Ricky Clifton, heating and cooling plant supervisor, University Facilities, 1990 to 2019
Melissa Cox, administrative assistant, Journalism and Mass Communications Department, 1989 to 2020
Mark Craney, dining shift supervisor, Marketplace, 2000 to 2019
Judy Frasier, accounting assistant II, Business Office, 2009 to 2019
George Graves, associate director of corporate and foundation relations, University Development, 2004 to 2019
Cynthia Hintze, senior assistant director, Financial Aid, 1991 to 2020
John Jacob, special collections law librarian and archivist, Law School, 1990 to 2020
Dale Lyle, custodian, University Facilities, 1990 to 2020
Andrew Martin, customer service specialist, University Facilities, 1989 to 2019
Sandy O’Connell, administrative assistant II, English Department, 1985 to 2020
Jeff Overholtzer, manager of strategic planning and communication, Information Technology Services, 1997 to 2019
Barbara Rowe, associate university registrar, University Registrar’s Office, 2002 to 2019
Robert Shaeffer, senior technology integration specialist, Information Technology, 2007 to 2019
Jane Smith, constituent records coordinator, Advancement Operations, 1978 to 2019

2021 retirees include:

Bobby Armstrong, Maintenance Shop, 1996 to 2021
David Arthur, electrician, University Facilities, 1996 to 2020
Bobby Bane, mechanic supervisor, University Facilities, 1980 to 2020
Alan Black, custodian, University Facilities, 1989 to 2020
Carol Blair, senior library assistant, University Library, 1983 to 2020
Fontanne Bostic, fixed asset/purchasing manager, Business Office, 1971 to 2020
Cricket Brittigan, library assistant II, University Library, 1983 to 2021
Rocky Brown, custodian, University Facilities, 1998 to 2020
Deborah Caylor, associate treasurer, Business Office, 1988 to 2020
Dennis Cross, vice president for university advancement, University Advancement, 2004 to 2020
Lisa Datz, public safety officer, Public Safety, 2008 to 2020
Carolyn Deacon, senior payroll assistant, Business Office, 2008 to 2021
Scott Dittman, University Registrar, 1985 to 2020
Zola Goodbar, custodian, University Facilities, 1999 to 2020
Steven Goryl, technology support specialist, Computer Science, 2007 to 2021
Brenda Hartless, custodian, University Facilities, 1996 to 2020
Francis Haston, custodian, University Facilities, 2006 to 2020
Ted Hickman, assistant director of facilities services, University Facilities, 1986 to 2020
Karen Hite, records specialist, University Registrar, 1988 to 2020
Henry Hostetter, lead painter, University Facilities, 1995 to 2020
Janet Irvine, gift accounting specialist, University Advancement, 1993 to 2020
Linda Johnson, director of law school records, Law School, 1978 to 2020
Jennifer Kirkland, General Counsel, 1997 to 2021
Wanda McDaniel, general services, Marketplace, 1987 to 2020
Dan Roland, manager of facilities and equipment, PE and Athletics, 2001 to 2020
Joanna Smith, records specialist, University Registrar, 1997 to 2020
Judy Stinson, documents and reference librarian, Law School, 1979 to 2020
Donna Tomlinson, custodian, University Facilities, 2006 to 2020
Morris Trimmer, energy specialist, Energy Education, 1993 to 2021
Nancy Wade, administrative assistant II, University Development, 2006 to 2020
Denise Watts, graphic designer, Communications and Public Affairs, 1994 to 2020