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W&L Students Choose Art Around Campus

Student interns with the Washington and Lee Collections of Art and History (UCAH) had an assignment this summer to roam around the campus and find two pieces of art that had gained their attention. And that meant looking everywhere: offices and common spaces, nooks and crannies.

Once they identified their favorites, they had to research them, provide information on the pieces and tell why they liked them.

The result is Art On Campus, a microsite where you can view videos of the interns describing their choices.

The summer internship, based in the Reeves Center, is a highly selective annual program. Pat Hobbs, associate director of University Collections, emphasizes that the interns aren’t all art majors, either. “This year we had 17 applicants, and we could hire only five,” said Pat. “And it’s not just for art majors. Our student interns had a wide variety of majors, such as Japanese language, Chinese language, math, physics, philosophy and history.”