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W&L Students Predict Obama to take New Hampshire Primary

Students at Washington and Lee University have predicted that Barack Obama will win New Hampshire, a preliminary prediction weeks before the highly anticipated 2008 Democratic Mock Convention, which will mark the 100th year of the school’s most time-honored tradition.

“We believe that Obama’s strong momentum from his Iowa Caucus victory will propel him to a win in New Hampshire,” said Political Chairman Wesley Little.

According to New Hampshire State Chairman, “We believe Obama’s strong push from independent voters will put him over the top in New Hampshire’s open primary.”

The New Hampshire prediction is a prelude to the actual prediction, which will be made at the Mock Convention on January 25 and 26 at Washington and Lee’s historic campus in Lexington. There, students will attempt to maintain their unparalleled record of accuracy in predicting the next presidential nominee for the party not currently in the White House.

The W&L Mock Convention boasts 18 correct predictions out of 32 total attempts, with only one incorrect prediction since 1948, making it the most accurate student-run mock convention in the nation.

With over 90% of the student body involved in a two year effort involving national polls, field research, A-list political speakers, and a fair share of fun, the W&L Mock Convention represents one of the nation’s brightest examples of student involvement in the political process.