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W&L’s Hasbrouck Publishes Article in the Oklahoma Law Review Prof. Brandon Hasbrouck published "Movement Constitutionalism." 

BrandonHasbroucknew W&L’s Hasbrouck Publishes Article in the Oklahoma Law ReviewProf. Brandon Hasbrouck

Washington and Lee law professor Brandon Hasbrouck has published an article in the Oklahoma Law Review. The article, “Movement Constitutionalism,” examines the path to ending the cycle of poverty and incarceration that impacts minority communities.

“Poverty and incarceration act in a vicious circle, with reactionaries mounting a desperate defense against any attempt to mitigate economic exploitation or carceral violence. Ending the cycle will require replacing this inequitable system with the life- and liberty-affirming institutions of abolition democracy. The path to abolition democracy is arduous, but abolitionists can press for change through what I coin ‘movement constitutionalism.’ Movement constitutionalism is the process by which grassroots abolitionist movements shift—through demands and in solidarity with each other—our understanding of constitutional theory and structure and, ultimately, democracy. By reshaping the way politicians, judges, and the public view the Constitution, abolitionists can expand the range of viable legislative and litigation remedies for our country’s history of oppression.” writes Hasbrouck.

The article is available online at the W&L Law Scholarly Commons.

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