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W&L’s Hodge Selected to Take Part in State Advisory Committee Kim Hodge has been named a member of the Virginia Department of Education Environmental Education Advisory Committee.

cowgillk-400x400 W&L’s Hodge Selected to Take Part in State Advisory CommitteeKim Hodge

Kim Hodge, director of sustainability initiatives and education at Washington and Lee University, was recently named as a member of the Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Environmental Education Advisory Committee.

The committee of 15 people is composed of formal K-12 educators, non-formal environmental educators and representatives from institutes of higher education, business and other education organizations.

Some of the committee’s many goals are to create a vision statement for VDOE that is a foundation for supporting K-12 environmental education and determining current gaps or needs of K-12 environmental education in Virginia.

“I am truly honored to be named to this committee,” Hodge said. “I’ve been a formal and informal environmental educator for about 20 years. One guiding framework in environmental literacy is engaging youth early on, especially in hands-on, outdoor lessons. I love the Commonwealth of Virginia and its range of natural resources, so I’m excited to engage with environmental education at this level. I’m also excited to work with the team to envision a way for K-12 educators to more easily incorporate environmental education into their classrooms, because that’s often where caring for the earth actually starts.”

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