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W&L’s SonoKlect Series Presents Kenny Werner Trio A reception in Lykes Atrium will follow the ensemble’s Sept. 23 performance in Wilson Concert Hall.

Kenny-Werner-cKonstantin-Kern-3-600x400 W&L’s SonoKlect Series Presents Kenny Werner TrioKenny Werner, Ari Hoenig, Johannes Weidenmueller (Photo by Konstantin Kern, courtesy of Kenny Werner Trio)

Washington and Lee University presents the Kenny Werner Trio on Saturday, Sept. 23, at 8 p.m. in Wilson Concert Hall, followed by a reception in Lykes Atrium. The performance is part of the SonoKlect Series, a program dedicated to bringing modern music to local audiences in Lexington, VA.

The event is free and open to the public. No tickets are required.

Werner is a world-class pianist and composer whose work has impacted audiences around the world for more than 40 years. Werner received the 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship Award for his seminal work, “No Beginning No End,” a musical journey exploring tragedy and loss, death and transition, and the path from one lifetime to the next. The author of “Effortless Mastery, Liberating the Master Musician Within,” Werner is also deeply engaged in the art of performance and helping musicians and artists allow their “master creator” within to take their performance to its highest level.

The Kenny Werner Trio also features Ari Hoenig on drums and Johannes Weidenmueller on bass, and the ensemble will perform music that is filled with passion, surprise and cutting-edge rhythm. Hoenig is one of the most innovative drummers of his generation and has a large following of young musicians who revere his talent. Weidenmueller embodies wisdom and balance, perfectly complementing the edgy and unpredictable voices of Werner and Hoenig. The trio has worked together for more than 25 years and recorded several critically acclaimed albums, including 2017’s “Animal Crackers.”

“Our creativity abounds whether we’re playing standards or original music,” Werner said. “The standards sound like originals and the originals sound classic and innovative at the same time.”