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W&L's Raquel Alexander on Tax Policy

Raquel Alexander, Washington and Lee University associate professor of accounting, was one of the experts consulted by the website, Card Hub, to discuss changes she would recommend to the tax code.

Alexander joined the W&L faculty this academic year. Her research focuses on tax policy related to personal savings and corporate taxation, and her work has led to reform in the college savings industry and has been requested by policy makers and regulators such as the SEC, the MSRB, FINRA, and the White House.

In her comments on Card Hub, Alexander said: “We need tax policy that encourages development of alternative energy sources and new technologies to spur economic growth. There are only three ways to fix our deficit: 1) increase taxes, 2) reduce spending and 3) grow GDP. Growing GDP is the least painful of these three choices and it is something members of both parties can agree on. Tax policy that rewards investment in research and development of new technologies, especially around alternative energies, will help us grow GDP.”

Read the article at http://www.cardhub.com/edu/experts-share-ideal-tax-code-changes/