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Gavaler Pens Article about ‘Cancel Culture’ Gavaler’s opinion piece is entitled “The problem with 'cancel culture'”

gavalerc.jpg-478x400 Gavaler Pens Article about ‘Cancel Culture’Chris Gavaler

Chris Gavaler, associate professor of English at Washington and Lee University, published an opinion piece in The Roanoke Times in which he makes the case for extracting the principle of “cancel culture” from the political partisan noise.

In the piece, Gavaler contends “even in the cases when cancelling isn’t the right answer, cancelling can still be the right question. ‘Should x be canceled?’ is often useful and vital to ask—in part because it can lead to alternatives that are not ‘cancelling’ (which conservatives object to) but also not leaving a problem unaddressed (which progressives object to).”

Read the entire piece in The Roanoke Times.