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Meet Darya Philips ’24 Accounting major Darya Philips ’24 counts her semester abroad as one of the greatest experiences of her life.

Darya-Philips-600x400 Meet Darya Philips ’24

Hometown: Atlanta
Accounting major; data science minor

Why did you choose to come to W&L?
Personally, I always knew that I wanted to attend a liberal arts college. The small class sizes and outstanding faculty provide for a unique and enriching college experience. What helped set W&L apart from other schools was the Honor System, which helps instill integrity into every student here. However, I never would have found out about W&L if not for its partnership with QuestBridge, and I never would have been able to attend if not for the school’s generous aid.

Have you discovered a course or topic that you didn’t expect to study when you first came to W&L?
While I am a data science minor, it is not something that I ever expected to study in college. I decided to minor in it after taking a few related courses and because I thought it paired well with the accounting major. My data science courses can be challenging for me at times, but I think it is important to step outside my comfort zone and willingly learn new things. With tools like AI on the rise, I think it will be advantageous to have a foundation in data science when entering the workforce.

What was your favorite class and why?
Econometrics is my favorite class that I have taken at W&L. What I really loved about the class were the real-world applications of the subject. Professor (Michael) Anderson also made the topics really clear and easy to understand while also keeping the class engaged.

Have you studied abroad during your time at W&L? 
During my junior year, I spent a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. In my courses, I was able to learn a lot about Danish businesses and the way they operate. It was interesting to see how the Danish do things differently than Americans, not only in the corporate world but also culturally. My biggest takeaway from my time in Denmark was to incorporate more “hygge,” a Danish concept about creating a cozy atmosphere and surrounding yourself with people and things you love, into my life. The people I met throughout my time in Denmark, along with the opportunity to travel to 10 countries, made this one of the greatest experiences of my life.