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New Podcast Episode Spins Web of Wonder The new episode of "W&L After Class: The Lifelong Learning Podcast" features biology professor Nadia Ayoub, who explains her research with black widow spiders.

Unknown-1-350x233 New Podcast Episode Spins Web of WonderNadia Ayoub

The latest episode of “W&L After Class: The Lifelong Learning Podcast” features a conversation with Nadia Ayoub, associate professor of biology, who studies the genetics of spider silk in a lab filled with black widow spiders. In this sixth episode of Season Two, “Along Came a Spider,” Ayoub talks spider behavior, the incredible strength and versatility of spider silk, and the practical uses for the knowledge she is capturing in her research, which ranges from lightweight body armor to human tissue regeneration.

Click here to listen to the full episode of the podcast, which is hosted by Ruth Candler, assistant director of Lifelong Learning.

The “After Class” podcast series began in spring 2020. Every episode invites listeners to join conversations with W&L’s expert faculty, giving them a chance to walk down the Colonnade from the comfort of their homes. Listeners hear from W&L faculty members about topics they know and love, meet new professors and learn about their research. Previous topics include poetry, beer, tea, witches, poverty, politics, theater and free speech.

Listeners in the W&L community and beyond are invited to listen to archived episodes for free here or wherever they listen to podcasts (e.g., iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher). Other episodes include:

“W&L After Class” is a collaboration of W&L’s Office of Lifelong Learning, Alumni Engagement and the Office of Communications.