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W&L Outcomes: Sadie Charles Calame ’23 Sadie Charles Calame ’23 is working as a construction lead for Teton Habitat for Humanity.

SadieCharlesCalame_sRGB-scaled-512x400 W&L Outcomes: Sadie Charles Calame ’23

Post-grad plans: AmeriCorps/Habitat for Humanity
Industry: Construction; nonprofit
Areas of Study: Neuroscience major

What will you be doing after graduation?
I will be working as a construction lead for Teton Habitat for Humanity. I am technically working for AmeriCorps, with a year in service for Habitat. I will be leading new home builds in Jackson, Wyoming.

How did your career plans evolve over the course of your time at W&L?
I co-founded General Repairs Club (a service-focused club that teaches students how to use basic tools and repair local homes) at W&L and volunteered with Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity’s Critical Repair Team.

What internships or other summer experiences did you partake in and how did those experiences shape you and your career plans?
Once I graduated from W&L in December 2022, I began a position as a project assistant for Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity. I surveyed homes, designed repair projects, and led builds.

What did you study here and what are some skills or learnings you will take from your academic experience into the professional world?
I was a neuroscience major. This major helped me prepare for the MCAT and medical school. In Jackson, I will also be a clinical volunteer with Teton Free Clinic, so my science and EMT background at W&L will serve me well in this new position.

Who or what has inspired you along the way?
James Dick has inspired me to take an idea and run with it. James was the staff member who encouraged me to start General Repairs Club. He gave me his full support. If it was not for James, General Repairs would never have been created.

What career-related advice would you give to next year’s graduating class?
No matter what your career path may be, take some time (maybe a year) to do something you love. I hope to go to medical school in 2024, but I am so glad I am working with Habitat for a year first. I am passionate about construction and repair work, and I am so glad I will get to learn more this year.

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