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Winter Update on Campus Construction Projects The Williams School construction and Elrod Commons Phase 2 renovations are well underway while maintenance on Sydney Lewis Hall nears completion.

Marketplace-Construction-600x400 Winter Update on Campus Construction ProjectsConstruction on Elrod Commons and the Cohen Family Amphitheater

Washington and Lee University continues to make progress on several campus construction projects in support of the campus master plan that was approved by the Board of Trustees in October 2021.

Below is an update on the progress of various projects around campus.

Dining Venue Renovations – John W. Elrod Commons
The first phase of the dining renovations was completed before the start of Fall Term 2023 and the second phase began in October with the inclusion of safety fencing and temporary walkways around the construction site. Work has now begun at the site and features the construction of a retaining wall at the top of the Cohen Family Amphitheater. This wall will help to facilitate the remainder of the project. W&L community members will soon see work taking place to reconfigure the amphitheater, while the extension of the Commons will begin taking shape in early spring 2024 with the pouring of concrete footers and a framing wall. Exterior work on the extension is anticipated to begin in late spring with the interior work slated for the summer months. The project remains on schedule to be completed before Fall Term 2024.

New Williams School Building
Construction of the new Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics is well underway following the demolition of Baker and Davis Halls in the early days of Fall Term 2023. Shortly after removing the Baker/Davis debris, site utilities were installed, and the removal of excess rock began. Rock removal will continue through the end of the calendar year, while construction of the foundation will take place over the next month. In early 2024, structural steel framing will be erected, and roofing is expected to commence in late spring 2024. Construction on the exterior skin of the building is anticipated to begin in fall 2024 with an expected completion date before the start of Fall Term 2025.

Sydney Lewis Hall Roof and Exterior Maintenance
The maintenance to Sydney Lewis Hall, which began in May 2023, is ongoing and is not expected to disrupt any operations for the School of Law. Improvements to the brickwork on the exterior of the building are complete and the roof is nearly complete except for minimal cosmetic work expected to be finished by the end of the calendar year. New solar panels will be installed soon, and the project is expected to be finished late spring or early summer 2024.

Lindley Center for Student Wellness
Construction on the new Lindley Center for Student Wellness is expected to begin in spring 2024. The facility, which will serve as the new home of the Student Health Center and University Counseling Services, will be located on East Denny Circle in the wooded area located between the lower tennis courts and the steps that lead from the Woods Creek Apartments to Sydney Lewis Hall. The Lindley Center is named to remember and celebrate the life of Dr. Lindley Spaht Dodson, a pediatrician and member of the W&L Class of 1999, who passed away in 2021. The new 14,600-square-foot facility will feature nine examination rooms, six overnight observation rooms, a group therapy room, and 11 counseling offices to provide top-notch health care for W&L undergraduate and law students. This construction will affect both vehicular and pedestrian traffic along East Denny Circle and pedestrian traffic to the east of the Law School lawn. More detailed information will be communicated in the weeks leading up to the project’s start date. The facility is expected to be completed before Fall Term 2025.

Lee House and University Chapel
As announced this summer, a new plaque noting the location of Traveller’s stall will be returned to the outer wall of the Lee House garage and a new interpretive marker will be installed adjacent to Traveller’s grave outside the garden-level entrance to University Chapel this winter. At the same time, in keeping with the wishes of Anne Wilson’s family, the plaque honoring the former W&L first lady will be removed, and the landscaping pavers will be adjusted to fill the space. A new plaque honoring Anne Wilson will be installed under a recently planted tree near the Lee House gardens in spring 2024.

Wilson Field
Wilson Field will receive updates to the competition surfaces following the completion of the 2024 spring athletics season. The renovation will replace the existing Field Turf ® playing surface that was installed in 2011 and has outlived the recommended 10-year lifespan. Vertex-CORE 2.5” synthetic turf will be installed to cover the 82,863-square-foot playing surface. New drains and drain covers surrounding the field will also be replaced, while the track will receive its first resurfacing since it was installed during the original construction in 2008. The university will use Beynon® BSS 1000 for the new track surface. The project is expected to cover 15 weeks and will be completed in time for the fall 2024 athletics season.

For continuous updates on the university’s capital projects, please visit the Capital Projects update page on the University Facilities website.